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A typical substandard

The secure certificate for our mailserver was coming due on May 18th. Since we are starting to move customers to the new server next week, we asked our current host (Liquid Web) if it would be possible to get by for a month with a self signed certificate,(one that is created by our server) which is twice as strong but not from an authorized source. They said yes, and instead of waiting until the certificate expired, 12 days ago they removed it, with 23 days left of validity and put in the temporary certificate then.

What they failed to tell us was that although possible in theory, Microsoft scans for certificates and requires they be authenticated. Like yours are authenticated by Comodo. So we were put on Microsoft’s email blacklist for not being authenticated! I immediately called our host to let them know what happened and they tried to reinstall the old certificate. It didn’t seem to work since we remained on the blacklist, so we broke down and purchased a new certificate to use for the next month. It took them 8 days to get it installed, which happened yesterday. It seems that we are still on the blacklist.

This is just one of the many reasons for changing our hosting situation. I moved our site (still uncompleted) over to the new host last week and it is great! Superfast friendly technical support and a fraction of the cost. Actually, you’ll be able to put both websites on the same plan. Right off the top, Sievers will save $729 in hosting cost per year and the first year of hosting there includes a free secure certificate and a bunch of other goodies.

We’d been searching for the right place to move our clients to for the past 8 months. We’d made our decision and were prepared to switch to it over the next few weeks when at the last minute this deal fell into our laps from a special offered to us from a tutorial/technical book club we belong to. This is better than I ever could have hoped for.

So anyways… I was going to start blogging about the switch this week. But we have several customers that have a ot of contacts using hotmail, Outlook.com and live.com accounts and it’s affecting them more than we realized.

One trick is to send from a gmail account temporarily, and switch to the new host asap. Don’t worry there is nothing you’ll really have to do but say “go ahead”. We will have links in the footer of http://3wmedia.co/ that will give you all the savings for the first year and following years will cost about $140 plus the cost of the annual secure certificate. Barb and I are trying to see if we can find a way to give a little better price than the new host in subsequent years, but even if we didn’t the cost will be about 1/3 of what they used to cost.

In the meantime, I’m still contacting our host every day about this situation and this afternoon I may go directly to Microsoft to see if there are any avenues open to me to get this straightened out. Because even though we are now in compliance, with Microsoft’s rules, I think we have to be manually removed from the blacklist.

You’ll receive emails from our blog when the posts become available to look at and let me know whenever you’re ready to jump to the new host. We’re trying to keep it as smooth and unnoticeable as possible. But it will be hard not to notice the increased speed of the site and the email.

It’s very exciting. I’m sorry about the problems with Microsoft. Since our host was recently bought out by a larger company, the customer service has become even more than typically substandard.

GreggA typical substandard
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