Do you sell a consumer product? Offer a Spanish version of your website


Think I am off base with my headline? Think again. How many consumer products you shop for are showing instructions in both Spanish and English? What is the fastest growing food section at large grocery store chains? Large corporations are taking notice, it’s time for small business do the same. When I mention the Spanish […]

Need An Online (educational) Distraction? Try TED.


It’s not like any of us really need more online distractions but I’m going to share my favorite anyhow. Three simple letters – TED. TED stands for “Technology Entertainment Design” and was planned as a one time conference in 1984. The conference grew in popularity and emphasized the design and technology aspects with a heavy […]

Consumers Not Yet Feeling QR Code Love


Great article in AdAge Digital on QR (Quick Response) Codes and the lag time in consumer use. From the article by Kunur Patel published yesterday: …in practice, while QR codes are affixed to everything from rental cars to Bratz dolls, only 5% of Americans who own mobile phones actually used the 2-D barcodes in the […]

Did You Know Immigration and Customs Enforcement Can Seize Your URL?

On the Media had an enlightening story on NPR this morning about the power vested in ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and a new program they are  undertaking to enforce American copyright laws on the Web. From the blogpost about the audio story:, a hip-hop website, was originally seized by the government in November […]

The Coming Tech War of 2012

The coming tech war of 2012

Fast Company’s Farhad Manjoo had a great cover story in the October 19, 2011 issue about the coming battle for supremacy between Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon. The mega success all these companies experienced in their own niches has left them cash rich and they are now pivoting to take on each other. Manjoo offers […]