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GreggIpsa vel eum inventore et eius nam

Wow! So Here we are…

Hosting and email are not the same as they were 20 years ago. During the course of 2017, Gregg and Barb will join with our clients in the Hosting situation we arrive at. It’s time to let hosting be taken care of by a partner that will provide services at least as good as our customers are used to. This will give us the time to help you with the important things needed to keep your website relevant and effective in doing the job it was intended for… raising your bottom line and providing Impact to the message(s) that are important to your business in order for it to continue growing along with changing times. – Oh yeah! Remember our old spam service? The days we’d forgotten what the word “spam” actually meant? They’re comng back…


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GreggWow! So Here we are…

Let’s talk about it!

We see it coming. We’ve been reinventing 3W so we’ll be ready. We are ready! Because of the enclosed economy in our area, the average business owner has been able to ignore or isolate themselves from any kind of cut-throut competition. There are the those special few businesses who work their asses of to do the right thing and bring in the new younger visitors to our beautiful county and what it has to offer as far as peace and quiet and some crazy fun once in a while.

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GreggLet’s talk about it!

Does your website feel like it’s out of control?

You may have had it for close to 20 years now. Someone set up your domain name for you and you know you pay (at least one) bill for domain registration every year. But who has that information? Your first home page builder, your second web designer, the 3rd company that talked you into switching from #2 and then left you feeling lost and alone in the middle of a corn field?

Let me take care of you. Maybe only for a couple days to get everything in order for you. This is important stuff! If you don’t know where it all is and who’s in control (it should be you) one or most valuble business assets could be in great danger. In the process, I may come up with some new ideas for you too.

An optional hour long meeting is available at the end of my organization process that could be a very valuable use of time. Take your new-found ideas and bring them to your own developer or have me give you a quote on the job. The newest things happening in WordPress are my passion. I’d love to share

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GreggDoes your website feel like it’s out of control?